Thursday, 17 March 2011

can you hear that hopeful heart?

You anchor me by the consistently delightful Marc Johns.

Today the sun had almost risen when I woke up. After months upon months of darkness, that's the most hopeful way to begin a day. That, and skipping along the first dry patches in the asphalt.

(Also, I heard the seagulls cry yesterday, which, in Helsinki, is the only reliable sign of spring.)

This week has been made up of baking birthday cakes and wrapping gifts (six birthdays within two weeks!). I've also been taking my sailing plans to a whole new level - looks like I might join up to four crews next summer.

(And finally, things are calming down. I'm still slightly hopeless, every now and then, but I try to treat myself well regardless. I soak in all the sunlight I can get and drink spicy tea and every now and then I listen to this song, because they sing about happiness that can't be stolen.)

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