Friday, 4 March 2011

this is an introductory post

I was waiting for my crêpes in Paris and my face was doing something weird.

I've been putting off writing an introductory post for weeks. It's high time I grabbed myself by the neck, as we say here in Finland, and churned it out.

Hello. My name is Iida (pronounced ee-duh), I am eighteen years of age and I live just outside Helsinki. I'm Finnish but I was born in England, and I'm bilingual. I attend a high school focused on the arts.

I write, I read, I take photographs, I sail (tall ships, not yachts). I listen to quite a lot of music, jazz and 60's pop and this thing called indie. Pretty much anything with a bit of banjo and whispery vocals.

I am scared shitless by most things in life. I'm a perfectionist to the most ridiculous degree. I'm also inherently lazy and prone to procrastinate.

I'm chronically awkward and ridiculously self-indulgent. It's my second nature to keep a running record of my thoughts and feelings. Like most of us who write, I feel a desperate need to catalogue and define my existence, to pin down my life for fear of forgetting.

My mother wanted to photograph me in front of La Fontaine Médicis and my face resorted to weirdness again.

I've been seeing my therapist for about a year. I've been having a hard time coping with my (truly terribly low) self-esteem, my perfectionism, my difficulties in social situations, my self-harm. It's nothing you haven't heard of before but I have the misfortune of having to live through it. The good thing is that these days I find it much easier to be hopeful about my future

(And the most important thing about me, the reason I write this blog, what it all boils down to: I'm learning to be honest.)



  1. Oh, it's great to know something more about you! ;)
    And I really have to say it - you look so beautiful! I like your glasses and your hair and the way they go with your whole face.
    (Could it be that Finnish girls have got principally beautiful short hair cuts?)

  2. Aw, thank you! I love my glasses too, they're so stand-out I barely need to put any effort into the rest of my face. ;)
    I think short hair on girls might be more common in Scandinavia than elsewhere. In general. I don't know, to be honest! :)

  3. :OOOOOO
    Tiedän sut!
    Olin kattoo sun vanhoja ja mun rinnakkaisluokkalainen aleksi oli sun pari?!
    :D jännää, et oon seurannu sua nää pitkät ajat ja ihan sattumalta tiiänki kuka olet :DD
    iiit's a small world aaafter all
    iiit's a small world aaafter all
    iiit's a small world aaafter all it's a smaall woorld aafter aaaaall ^^

  4. ah! and p.s. I too am scared shitless of most things in life. Particularly the things i love

  5. Maria: Wooot, jännää! Tosin Aleksi tuntee mm. kaikki, joten siinä mielessä ei yllätä. Mutta joo pieni maailma pieni kaupunki ja silleen :D

  6. Vilma: Aina. For your eyes only, my dear ;)

  7. It's nice to know a little more about you, Iida. I always enjoy reading your blog posts :) I am obsessed with so many of the things on your list too!