Thursday, 31 March 2011


After two days of a spring flu, I'm finally back in action. Today I sat on the library steps in the sun and waved at friends across the road. I also skipped across dry, dusty asphalt and bought a swimming costume for next summer and browsed music festivals in Finland and thought about going abroad, maybe.

(Have I ever told you what this city is like in the summer? It's lying on the grass in parks and singing in the streets. It's the sea breeze, wherever you go. Trams rattling along the polished cobblestones and sunlight on the art nouveau facades. It's fresh and it's bright and it's all one needs to be happy.)


  1. I want to visit your city so badly!

  2. OH and I forgot to mention:
    :) your blog is my absolute favorite one right now.
    it's so honest and to the point I'm ever interested in things you have to say. I just ready your very well-written about me page :)

    "am bilingual. By which I mean that Finnish and English are tackling each other in my head and leaving me in a perpetual state of confusion."

    I can totally relate! OMG :D

    "(I'm one of those annoyingly persistent and nervous human specimens who dream of university obsessively.)"

    Hello. moi aussi

    Please never stop, you are fabulous!

  3. Sofi: You should!

    Maria: Oh, thank you! I'm blushing, you really are too kind.