Sunday, 27 March 2011

sunday and dreams of summer

After a night of hide and seek with friends during Earth Hour and not-quite-enough sleep, we rolled out of bed into the sunlight. A table laden with candles and breakfast. A hint of soft guitar music.

And afterwards a solitary walk around Helsinki. Spontaneously. Because the sun shone from just the right angle at Esplanadi, and I could squint and imagine the endless deep green of late summer. Because of a display window that read Do you live in the moment? 

The ice has retreated and the sea is finally open. Dreaming about taking the ferry to Suomenlinna come June, maybe leaning into someone, bumping elbows, feeling the warmth against the wind. Pointing out the little islands scattered around like memories of a dream.

Humming a song to myself, the one that goes tämä on kuitenkin minun kaupunkini, this is my city after all.

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