Friday, 11 March 2011

sunlight and soft soles

I want these. Handmade vegan moccasins by Manimal. I can already imagine biking around Helsinki next summer wearing moccasins and a dress, or walking across the city centre, feeling the sun-warmed cobblestones through the soles.


  1. Me too! Oh, me too...
    I'm already wondering where I could buy some of these... That will be difficult!

    Regarding to my last comment: I just asked because I know a Finnish girl who has got a nice short hair cut, too. I just wondering wheater it's something like ... a tradition or so.^^

    Sending hope and strength and best wishes,

  2. You can order Manimals here:

    No, it's not a tradition, but it is quite common here! :)

    Thank you and thanks again for commenting. x