Sunday, 24 April 2011

a bit too much

(Some flowers in photo form to cheer me up.) 
There's a bit too much going on, what with everything yesterday had to offer. Parks before sundown and walks at midnight and music threaded through the night, Antti Autio Trio and Neat Neat. Also writing letters on the train home just to stay awake. And missing people, because I always do. 

Right now I'm sitting at my desk with the open window on my left, staring at the fading stamp on the back of my hand, trying to knock some sense into my head but failing. (I don't mind though, remember what was said about failure yesterday?)

(Also: the new series of Doctor Who. Whew. Please discuss. Any fellow Whovians out there or are you all too cool for sci-fi?)


  1. I love Doctor Who - and last night's episode was brilliant and I seriously can't wait til next week - why are weeks so long??????

  2. I know right! Yes, last night's episode definitely was brilliant, what with Rory being amazing and stetsons being cool. Also anything involving River Song tends to be indredible.

    I've got all these ideas about how it all comes together - the whole River Song mystery, Amy's pregnancy etc. So exciting! Steven Moffat is a genius.

  3. Doctor Who is one of the things that actually makes me proud to be British! :D Love it!

  4. Doctor Who is definitely something to be proud of!