Sunday, 10 April 2011

sunday morning

Last night / this morning was definitely an interesting experience, what with being in an unfamiliar town at a party with mostly unfamiliar people. Strobe lights and sunsets and holding my own quite well, despite my initial case of shaky hands and tattered nerves.

I also managed to get on a wrong bus and find myself in the middle of nowhere. At two in the morning. With only a vague idea of how to find my way back. I then managed to get on the right bus and fall asleep so I almost missed my stop. But here I am, in one piece, tired and uninjured and really quite happy, what with this sun and this wind and my recurring dream of a white Vespa.

How has this weekend been treating you?

(And I think I'm beginning to crack this adulthood thing. I have maybe held this naïve thought of adults never being nervous or getting lost. But what if being a grown-up simply means holding my own despite my nerves, and coping with getting lost at night with a shrug of my shoulders?)

(Also, you should take a look at this post  on Meg's blog. If you're in need of some reassurance. Because I think this might be one of the most helpful, hopeful things I have ever read.)

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