Saturday, 14 May 2011

songs for road trips

A summary of the past few days: homemade ice tea, charcoal-coated fingers, missing a bus, missing a train, getting lost on our way to a museum, finding said museum ten minutes before it closed for the night, thrifting clothes, sewing late into the night, essay-writing, playlist-making.

Here is the result of said playlist-making. Those of you who have Spotify can find it here. Those of you who don't can go the YouTube route below. (They aren't completely identical though, due to Spotify and YouTube not being as omnipotent as could be hoped for.) Enjoy!

songs for road trips

1. Noah and the Whale: The First Days of Spring
2. Scandinavian Music Group: 100 km Ouluun
3. Phoenix: Summer Days
4. Regina: Jos et sä soita
5. Gomez: See the World
6. The Moldy Peaches: Anyone Else But You
7. Angus & Julia Stone: Mango Tree
8. Anna Järvinen: Götgatan
9. Charlie Winston: Soundtrack to Falling in Love
10. Noah and the Whale: Blue Skies
11. Death Cab for Cutie: Passenger Seat


  1. ööääääh tuli ihan mielene viime kesän epic road trip noist kuvist... :)

  2. Huhaa, niinpä! Kesäkesäkesä oi enää pari viikkoa.

    Ps. Leivoin huomiseksi jotain vitun eeppistä! Muahahaa!