Wednesday, 22 June 2011

into the blue

Farewell, dear friends! I'm leaving tomorrow to go sailing for a week and a half. Wish me luck and great winds, okay?

(And oh goodness have I missed sailing. Physically longed for it. This time around it's a smaller ship and a smaller sea, but a ship's a ship and a sea's a sea so who am I to complain?)


  1. I remember you writing about sailing before so hope you have a wonderful time. I'm personally not a sailing person (issues with travel sickness) but I can certainly see the attraction.

  2. How does it feel?

    water, water, water, wind, wind, wind, water, heaven, heaven, heaven, sky, sky, sky, clouds, sun, clouds, sun, sunset, sun rise...

    beautiful I guess... :)

  3. can we go sailing when i get to helsinki? :P