Friday, 3 June 2011

this is a post in which i list things to do next summer

My summer holiday begins tomorrow. And it's taken me completely by surprise. (Too many things to do, a suitcase to pack for when I go to my Dad's for the first week of summer, a skirt to sew for the Saturday graduation celebrations, a brain to wrap around this forgotten concept of freedom.)

So it's high time for a list of things to do next summer. (I plan on making myself a survival kit for summer, containing the essentials for nights out / days at the beach / whatever summer shenanigans I get up to. Always on the ready.)

(Oh, and I think I forgot a few: send as many postcards as possible, throw a garden party, drink Tequila, maybe fall for someone [but not too hard], dance whenever there's a chance for it and spend as much time near the sea as possible.)


  1. this is a beautiful list!!! and very much the essence of summer. you have inspired me to come up with my own summer 2011 list :)

  2. yes yes yes. i adore this! goodness i am craving summer.

  3. mitä on hammock ja busking?

  4. V: hammock on riippumatto ja busking on katusoittoa :)