Sunday, 10 July 2011

july so far

A weekend at Ruisrock festival: wading knee-deep into the sea while listening to Finnish reggae, singing along to Scandinavian Music Group and pounding the dusty ground with my feet, carrying around a massive slice of watermelon and eating it during the worst heat, biking home at 2 am in that incredible warmth.

And before Ruisrock, an impromptu sleepover and brunch the morning after. A reunion. Some gossip (the nice kind) at night in a park, kisses planted onto foreheads and stolen conversations at sunset.

And now there's my first quiet evening in weeks. The house is silent and I am spent and exhausted and happy.

Kiitos Karkki kuvasta!


  1. sounds wonderful:)

  2. kuulostaa huipulta! ja arvaa mitä, sun ansiosta kirjastosta lähti mukaan Ondaatjea ja tykkäsin paljon :--- )

  3. Oi mahtavaa! Ondaatje on jumala :)