Monday, 5 December 2011

monday links (christmas gifts, poetry, darkrooms, nostalgia)

Another Monday, another set of links. And what a cavalcade!

Things You're Left With After a Break Up by Ryan O'Connell of Thought Catalog
(He is somewhat brilliant, incidentally.) 

Some glamour for your Monday: Vanity Fair on the Barbizon Hotel's absurd history, including anecdotes about Grace Kelly, Joan Crawford and Sylvia Plath.

There's also Avi Steinberg's piece on airline safety cards. (The Pan Am safety card told passengers, in emergency landings, to "loosen your tie... but keep all your clothes on." Oh, the 60's.)

The latest from the dangerously spectacular and eerily insightful Sarah Kay.

The Guardian's gift guide this Christmas is stellar, with gift ideas for fans of Downton Abbey or the royal wedding, or gifts for anyone who wants to be more like Ryan Gosling

And finally, Ryan McGinley's photographs are beautiful and awe-inspiring and extremely very not safe for work.

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