Monday, 26 December 2011

never hurry, never worry

There's a hiccup in my swagger and worries in my way, although this Christmas has been simply divine.

I've been eating a truly indecent amount and reading almost constantly. (Books, after all, are the very best of presents. I was lucky enough to receive a glorious take on Austen by P.D. James, some Stephen Fry, some highly praised new Finnish novels and almost a thousand pages of brand spanking new Murakami. Oh yes.)

And maybe the most surprising and welcome present of all was a short trip to Amsterdam next week. (Thanks, Mum.) Van Gogh, Anne Frank, here I come.

(Also, if anyone feels like squeeing over the Christmas special of Downton Abbey with me, feel free to do so in the comments. My feelings over Matthew and Mary are full of flailing and smishing and clutching at my heart. Mary Crawley is my favourite character ever in the history of all things and Michelle Dockery is just stunning. Oh show, how I adore you.) 

Picture by the ever-delightful Nan Lawson

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  1. Oh Downton Abbey! I don't think I have ever cried in a single episode so much for so many different reasons. But the end! (Oh, Gooooood). Of course this happiness will not last for season 3. I can already see the first minutes of it destroying Matthew and Mary again. But, well. They look so flawless and they are so wonderful and- and-
    (Was that anything like the squeeing you hoped for? ;>)

    Glad that your Christmas was fine (divine, even!). You must give me the recipe to having happy Christmases, please. I never seem to get it right ;>