Wednesday, 21 March 2012

counting down

Five more days.

Five more days of textbooks and dictionaries and timelines and conjugation sheets and cramping hands and aching nerves and knuckles turned silver by the lead of a pencil. Five more days of rubber shavings on exam sheets, five more days of sitting inside while the sun shines and the snow melts. Five more days of reminding myself to breathe while the exam sheets are being handed out. Five more days of telling myself, This is it now. Pen to paper, keep track of the time, these are things you know.

Five, more, days.

(Today, history. I poured a few millennia of knowledge onto paper. The Renaissance, the French Revolution, Finland in WWII, the Industrial Revolution and its effect on women's rights, India's independence, the Holocaust and its continuing effect on world politics, with a special focus in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. All in the space of six hours. I cannot remember ever being this worn out, wrung dry.) 

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