Monday, 4 June 2012

after the quake

Here we are, then. Is this how one is supposed to feel afterwards? After the end of life as we know it, after twelve years of education.

Far too many flowers and presents. A silly hat and ultimately quite painful shoes and the most beautiful dress. And in the evening, dinner with friends over the rooftops of Helsinki, drinks, dancing, wandering about, crashing into bed with the birds singing at sunrise.

free, adjective
1 able to act or or be done as one wishes; not under the control of another
2 (often as complement) not or no longer confined or imprisoned

A confession: I'm scared.

I'm trying to find my footing, trying to find something to do, something to be.

But first, a summer. I'll find myself a ukulele, get back to playing. Take up swimming. Do the things that make me happy and try to figure out what exactly I plan to do with my life now that I'm almost unbearably free.

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