Monday, 15 August 2011

ends and beginnings

So summer finally comes to a close, sudden and clean like a paper cut. But I refuse to wax nostalgic, because today's Flow Festival was spectacular, a perfect ending for this summer. My feet ache from all the dancing and I'm exhausted and at a loss for words and just too darn happy to do any kind of thinking right now.

So here, watch some James Blake. This song is sublime, ethereal, the music of the stars. Even more so when heard live, mere metres from the stage, with the bass kicking its way through my ribcage right into my heart, throat and lungs. I could have listened to him for this entire infinite night.

(And oh, this summer has been glorious. Despite everything.)

(Also: I promise to type out a proper post at some point. At a less ungodly hour.)

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