Monday, 24 October 2011

monday links (history, love stories, marilyn)

So I'm thinking of making this linky-post thing a Monday regular. Since the internet is a minefield of amazingly interesting/beautiful/astonishing things.

Case in point, for all you history nerds: Norma Clarke on the role of British women during WWII. Or you could have a peek at these beautiful and beautifully rebellious posters from the Paris protests in 1968.

A love story in literature. (Stunning. I'll say no more.)

In one of my absolute favourite TED Talks to date, Isabel Allende speaks of feminism, passion and writing. Amazingly funny, spunky, wise. The best TED Talks make you laugh and cry, they cling to the folds of your brain long enough to maybe eventually change you for good. This, for me, is one of those talks. 

My Week With Marilyn is a film I can't wait to see.

Last week I mentioned the new online quarterly, The Junket. It's so ridiculously good I can't help bringing it up again. For the latest edition, Carrie Plitt wrote an exquisitely crafted essay on running and success. It's called 'The Wall', or, What I Talk About When I Talk About the 400 Metres and you really should read it.

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