Tuesday, 13 December 2011

let it snow x3

Again, no snow. It's so dark in the mornings I like to imagine it's actually midnight and we've all been tricked to go to school for an impromptu Christmas party or a huge sleepover. (I've yet to be correct in my guesses.)

Fortunately it is dark and damp and cold enough anyway (and viciously windy and endlessly rainy) for enormous scarves and baking.

Nan Lawson is one of my absolute favourite illustrators. 
(Art inspired by Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Sufjan Stevens, 
Pride and Prejudice, Franny and Zooey and Where the Wild Things Are
How could I not be arse over tea kettle in love?) 


  1. Oh, I'm kind of relieved that there isn't any snow in Finland yet, too. (You know, I'm really obsessed with snow. ^^) :)

  2. BAAAAAAAAAAAA i love her!!! i have a margot and richie tenenbaum illustration by her. this weekend she had a booth at the craft fair and i bought the ned the piemaker brooch! LOVE LOVE LOVE HER

  3. I KNOW RIGHT SHE'S TOO GOOD FOR WORDS. Seriously. I fangirl pretty much everything she posts. And lucky you to have an illustration by her! I'd love to order something but how could I ever choose?